Industrial Security Services In Akola

Industrial Security Services In Akola


Our Industrial Security Services in Akola

Industrial Security Services In Akola, Our rigorous recruitment screening policy enables us to choose the best guards from the available pool. Our classroom instruction and on-the-job preparation are preparing them for the industry. Our multi-tiered oversight and control system compels them to provide the highest quality services that meet or exceed our customers’ standards.

Our Profile

We have the most reliable service provider in the business, not necessarily the largest; growth, however, is a natural byproduct of our emphasis on relationships, value, and quality.


We commit to working effectively to maintain our service delivery standards. We prioritize customer loyalty by delivering dedicated, ethical, practical, and cost-effective services and continuously increasing value through creative technology, honed expertise, and talents.


Om Sai is an ethical Industrial Security Services company in Akola. We aren’t doing our customers any favors by serving them; they favor us by allowing us to help them.

Our behavior and actions are a reflection of our beliefs and community. Our service sector is entirely dependent on our employees to provide high-quality services to customers in various locations that adhere to the company’s principles and standards.

Consultancy in Security

Om Sai employs thousands of highly skilled individuals in a variety of commercial and manufacturing sectors. We provide dedicated multi-task security personnel to manufacturing industries, automobile industries, pharmaceutical industries, power plants, petrochemical plants, information technology parks, malls, ports, gas and oil industries, corporate headquarters, schools and universities, hospitals, hotels and resorts, and domestic and international events and stadiums security, among others.

Om Sai, as a service provider, will accomplish this goal through its people. Therefore, our objective is to have the appropriate people, with the right qualifications, in the proper location at the appropriate time.

Features and Services – We differentiate ourselves by the quality of our service delivery.

Services of manned guarding

To meet business needs, we provide a high-quality and trusted man-guarding service.

Assessment of Risks

The intuitive approach of our Industrial Security Services offers a comprehensive security strategy, unmatched designs, and quickly implementable procedures to ensure your company operates in a secure environment.

Risk assessment is the systematic process of identifying, evaluating, and estimating the level of risk present at a location to assess the most effective ways to eliminate/control the risk.

Safety for Special Events and Stadiums

The events service is built on the concept of providing world-class customer service.

Firefighters and fire inspection

We have extensively trained firefighters in the extinguishment of fires and the rescue of lives. In addition, our fire audit offers a systematic solution for preventing or controlling fires caused by accidents.

Solutions for Outsourcing

Each aspect of our Staffing service is customized to our client’s specific specifications, brand, and corporate culture.

Services de Secours

Our complex emergency response system is designed to minimize fatalities, accidents, and property damage.


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